Police see rise in domestic violence calls amid coronavirus lockdown.

Isolation and financial stress can contribute to domestic violence. “The financial stress alone creates a ticking time bomb for some families with a history of domestic violence, ”Unfortunately many of these domestic violence cases occur in front of children and often the children become victims of abuse and assault, as well.”

The rise in reports of domestic violence incidents comes as shelters for abuse victims scramble to find ways to stay open. Many regularly operate near capacity and sometimes turn to local hotels to house families when they run out of space, which gets expensive quickly. Several nonprofit shelters said they’ve canceled or postponed fundraisers because of stay-at-home orders, making it difficult to help all that seek assistance. As Nyc domestic violence gear up for a potential increase in abuse victims seeking help money has become an issue. your support is needed. 

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As Cities Around the World Go on Lockdown, Victims of Domestic Violence Look for a Way Out.


Her abuser has threatened to throw her out onto the street if she starts coughing. READ MORE

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