Congratulations! You’ve read important information on Domestic Violence. Throughout the blog, we have learned what domestic violence is, who is affected, its prevalence and impact, and why people batter – in addition to invaluable tips on anger management and other ways to improve ourselves. In this, the last lesson of this blog, we will closeContinue reading “Helping”

Expressions of Anger

Stress and irritation are common in our day-to-day lives. Our time becomes more and more precious with each passing moment, our workloads can be overwhelming and we can feel pulled in several different directions at once. Our world is fast-paced and full of stimulation. Our environments and relationships change at the bat of an eye.Continue reading “Expressions of Anger”

Where Does Your Experience of Anger Come From?

How we express anger is a learned response.  There are several influences that may impact how we express our anger.  We learn from personal experience, from watching others, from the way our family expresses anger, from the media, from cultural and gender stereotypes, from our role models and from so many other sources.  You mayContinue reading “Where Does Your Experience of Anger Come From?”